Yuri Evenna Newborn Session

My baby niece is absolutely beautiful. Her sweet little grunts just make my heart sing! She just snuggled up and fell asleep. She may be the most cooperative child in our family… for now, we will see what the future holds! You are so loved sweet baby girl! 2_edited-2 3_edited-2 4_edited-2 6_edited-2 7_edited-2 8_edited-2 10_edited-2 11_edited-2 18_edited-2 22_edited-2 25_edited-2 29_edited-2 33_edited-2 Collage 12 x12_edited-2


The Arrival of the Boyles’ Twins

Being invited into a delivery room is a true honor. This family allowed me to be present during one of the most personal moments of their lives, and for that I am truly thankful. The delivery of the Boyles babies was an absolutely incredible and beautiful experience. Aaron and Angela had a waiting room full of loving and patient family members who also had the task of entertaining their adorable son Cortlin. As you might remember from Angela’s maternity session, not all family members knew she was carrying twins! It was quite the challenge for the nurses to keep silent! (Yet they did an amazing job as always.) Angela’s labor progressed very quickly and soon it was time for delivery!


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Protocol for twin deliveries is to deliver in the OR, even though Angela would be allowed to attempt a vaginal birth, being in the OR is just a precaution.

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They chose not to find out the genders of their babies… They really like surprises! Baby A arrived shortly after moving to the OR and… It’s a GIRL! The emotion and love poured from them both and Aaron’s reaction to seeing his daughter for the first time brought tears to my own eyes. She weighed a whopping 6lbs 9oz and looked just like her big brother.

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At this point in time, not everything went according to plan, and Baby B’s heart rate decreased to a scary level. Angela was prepped for an emergency cesarian delivery. The room became extrememly busy and I prayed I would not have to leave, I knew how much Angela wanted the entire birth to be photographed and how dissapointed she would be to not have these memories. I just kept quiet in my corner and watched with hopeful eyes that no one would notice me. Before I knew it the curtain was up and a nurse was carrying Baby B to the warmer. Yay, I got to stay!! It’s another GIRL! She weighed slightly less than her sister at 5lbs 12oz. Two beautiful, healthy baby girls! Such a blessing.

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As Baby A was brought over to snuggle with her sister, I saw a peeking big brother out of the corner of my eye! Cortlin is one of the most patient kids I have ever met! The adorableness (yes I just made that a word) that is in the next photos will make your ovaries burst! Each moment these two babies inched closer and closer together and eventually held hands! Oh what a treasure that moment is!

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Angela, you are such an amazing and strong mother! Your baby girls, and Cortlin are so lucky to have you!

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Proud daddy!

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Cortlin was the first to come meet his sisters and he was so happy to finally see them! The family had waited so long to come in and discover the genders! These photos are so fun to see the reactions each person had!

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Can you guess which family member had no idea there were two babies?!

She had the best reaction and it took every ounce of me to not cry!


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Thank you so very much Aaron and Angela for allowing me into your lives. I will never forget the special arrival of your beautiful girls. ~Megan


Boyles Maternity Session

I loved everything about this session with Angela. For starters she is gorgeous and has an A-mazing pregnant belly! Hearing the excitement in her voice about her upcoming delivery and special arrival was heartwarming. She had been keeping a little secret from certain family members, so our discussion had to be a little hushed and I had to be very careful with my words! See Angela was not excpecting one baby, but TWO! Yes she is carrying twins!!! What a marvelous and incredibly lucky woman!! I am over the moon excited that she has hired me to document her delivery.

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Yuri Evenna’s Arrival

My niece’s arrival came a little sooner than we expected. Her estimated due date was March 18th, so when I got the call that Lela’s water broke on the 24th of February I was a little surprised! Ready or not it was go time!! Lela’s contractions started fairly light and so we walked around the birth floor and my older nieces were quite entertaining! Later into the evening they eventually fell asleep and Lela continued to labor without waking them. Soon after the sunrise she had fully dialated and in one push Yuri was here! She arrived at 6:59am on February 25th, 2016 into a room full of love. Her big sister’s helped momma through it all and they now have an amazing memory of how strong their mom is! Welcome to the world beautiful Yuri Evenna!

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Sexton Maternity Session

This family is absolutely beautiful. They are expecting a sweet baby girl in March and I know she will be just as stunning as her mother. The love that Justin and Stevi have for one another radiates through these images. Their son, Cambryn, is so excited to be a big brother and to love and protect his baby sister for eternity. Justin and Stevi have not settled on a name for her yet, which makes her arrival even more special.

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Delgado Maternity Session

The Delgado family is growing by two feet! My brother in law and his wife are getting ready to welome their third baby girl into the world and I cannot wait to cuddle her! This session was on a drizzly day and we went to a park that i knew had good shelter for my camera because even though it is water esistand I am not taking any chances. You would never know how cold it was by the happy smiles and good spirits everyone had. We are all so excited and are anxiously awaiting baby Yuri’s arrival!

















I love this peeking belly

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Means Surrogate Maternity Session

Miranda and Cody are ready to be parents! With the help of Miranda’s sister, Sara, they are able to start their famly! This was my first surrogate session and it was full of laughter. Sara is a long time client of mine and I love every opportunity that I get to work with her. One of the most special moments of this session is when they shared a little of their story with me and I got to see Miss Monroe’s very first photo. Amazing does not even justify how miraculous this baby is! We already have a newborn session booked and I cannot wait to meet this sweet baby girl.